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We make children smile by giving them wings to soar!



$39$33 USD



$39$33 USD



$39$33 USD



$39$33 USD

Each shirt is accompanied by My Wings Flight School activities, which aim to playfully support the development of confidence, compassion and communication. Empowering children to take better care of themselves, each other and the planet. Learn more about the flight school

About Us

Here at My Wings we create and provide products that inspire children of all ages to enjoy their playful nature while encouraging healthy development through art, music, fashion, and compassionate living. We aim to uplift, inspire and engage in community so we can create a happier and more harmonious world where we lift each other up and help each other soar.

A message from the founder

My Wings began to take life in 2007, when I was a music teacher of young children. At one point every day we would dance with scarves that through their imagination became wings. I noticed that as they took flight they would all lighten up, their innate joy would kick in, and their playful confidence would allow them to stretch into new areas of development and learning…

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The Gift of Wings Charity Program

With your help, children around the world can receive the inspirational and imaginative My Wings shirts and activities to use as playful instruments in recovery. By contributing to the Gift of Wings program you can uplift a child and give them their wings back!

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