Flight School

Welcome to the My Wings Flight School! The Flight School includes a collection of activities that utilize these wings in playful ways intended to help the children you love train their inner strength or “inner wings.” There are more activities we will be posting soon, so be sure to join our email list to be notified when new activities are made available. We are in the early phases of developing this platform and we ask for your feedback as this gives us the chance to learn how we can provide a better experience for you and other My Wings family. Send feedback to info@my-wings.com. We know that many of you are super creative and will have some cool ideas for developmental activities that can utilize the My Wings shirts. Please share those with ideas with us by clicking the submit idea button below. Most of these activities are meant to be engaged in with an adult and child together. We wish you happy flying and many moments of fun together!

logo of flight school

My Wings Yoga with Happy hOMe (15:00)

A fun 15 minute yoga class to help get your kids’ wings flapping! Encouraging a sense of centeredness, flexibility and flight exploration at the same time!


My Wings Face Painting with Lyle & Sky (3:00)

Face painting is great fun and will be even more entertaining when your kid’s painted face matches his/her My Wings shirt! Here’s some inspiration as Sky gets painted and flys!


A My Wings Sing Along Song: “Dream a New Day” (5:00)

Sing along to this happy and empowering song! Celebrate life and imagination with My Wings! The positive lyrics are a great way to get everyone into a positive state of mind.


My Wings Calming Meditation with Tara from the Now (3:00)

This short guided activity focuses on breathing, body awareness and clearing the mind to nurture the feelings of being centered and calm. It is amazing how powerful a few deep breaths can be for changing our mental state.


Make Your Own My Wings Magic Wand with Vilma & Jessica (5:00)

Make a magic wand to go along with your kids’ fabulous My Wings shirt! Watch this tutorial, where Vilma and Jessica make theirs for some inspiration for how you might want to make your own. Be creative and let imagination take over!


My Wings Mask Making Fun with Laine, Sidney and Amy (5:00)

Make a mask to accompany your kids’ My Wings shirt! In this video, Amy, Laine and Sidney make some cool and colorful masks. Check this out and get some inspiration for how you might want to make your own. Have Fun!


My Wings Coloring (jpg Downloads)

Coloring is a classic activity for children that also helps them to develop cognitively, psychologically and creatively. Here are some My Wings coloring pages to get their imaginations flying!