About Us

The My Wings Story

by the founder of My Wings

My Wings began to take life in 2007, when I was a music teacher of young children, after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s degree in community studies and minors in business management and social sciences, with a heavy focus on creative arts.

It was my passion to awaken the children’s curiosity and musical gifts at such a young age. At one point every day we would dance with scarves that through their imagination became wings. I noticed that as they took flight they would all lighten up, their innate joy would kick in, and their playful confidence would allow them to stretch into new areas of development and learning. Especially moving for me was seeing the children with physical or emotional challenges opening up with greater confidence through playful flying. I believe that the wings reminded the children of the feeling of freedom that is already alive within them, and that their dreams are possible and within their reach. Just like the freedom the crawling caterpillar must feel as it becomes a butterfly.

I spent the next 6 years traveling and exploring community around the world. Though I saw many beautiful sights, I also saw a lot of children suffering. I felt a desire to do something, and since my early flying-with-scarves experiences never left me, I looked to buy shirts with wings for the children, to remind them that they can grow, achieve their dreams, and soar in life.

To my astonishment I could find no children’s shirts with wings like my musical children had spontaneously created.

In early 2014 after moving to Sweden I won several contests for business start up support based on My Wings. I received business development training and business mentorship, and it was finally time for My Wings to take flight. I gathered artists and designers and created the first My Wings designs, and made my initial prototypes. Children absolutely loved these creatively playful shirts and I believed they could help all children, the fortunate and the less fortunate as well. Thus was born the My Wings business model, which includes the Gift of Wings program that gifts My Wings to children in need.

Thank you for supporting My Wings and the Gift of Wings program. Together we are uplifting children around the world and helping them to soar in life. May we all fly in freedom and joy!

Lee Giove

Founder, Designer
My Wings, Gift of Wings